“Why is my browser so slow?”

Every now and then people complain about their web browser being slow. The conversation usually goes like this:

Me: Ok which browser are you using and which version?

Customer: Firefox 3.5

Me: Ok which plugins did you install?

Customer: Adblocker, Noscript, FoxyProxy, HTML validator, Firebug, Google Speed, SkipScreen, FireFTP, WeatherBug, Fireshot. Ah yes and TwitterBar.

Well it is obvious Firefox gets rather slow with many addons. My advice: deactivate or uninstall those you do not need regularly. I for one use two browsers: one for development with all the bells and whistles and one for regular web surfing.

Serious security issue in OneFileCMS 1.1.0

There a is serious bug in OneFileCMS 1.1.0 that enables remote users to create, write and delete files in web server context.

If you have a running OneFileCMS installation — pull the plug now. Until this issue has been resolved make sure only trusted users can access your OneFileCMS-powered website.

The author has been informed. Please come back later for updates :)

This is the encrypted exploit (I will post the key once the security holes have been fixed)

Happy new year BTW :)

Update 17.01.2010: The issue seems to be resolved! Update now!

Public DNS

Lately there has been a lot of hassle in Germany regarding Internet censorship via DNS blocking. As a reaction, several groups have set up public DNS resolvers that do not block IPs. CCC has compiled a small list with such servers.

Google has just made their own public DNS resolvers and available. A very clever move that makes Google a bit less dependent on ISP infrastructure. And look at them IP addresses… They are as simple as they can get. Depite the outcry of privacy groups and advocates one must admit this is very, very clever. Even skeptics like me are tempted to use Google resolvers just out of laziness… :) It is funny and scary at the same time.

BTW, OpenNIC has some decent public DNS resolvers available. I think I will use one of them and as a backup.