Outsourcing freelance jobs FAQ

I like outsourcing work to other freelancers when I am short on time myself. Over the time, I am often asked the same questions again and again. Obviously it is time for an “Outsourcing freelance jobs” FAQ. :)

Question: Should I start working even though I have not been told to?
Answer: Please don’t. Start working when you have won the bid and we have discussed the project’s outline.

Question: Should I set an hourly rate that is below 50% of my country’s average web development hourly rate?
Answer: This would be most certainly below your country’s average living wage. Please raise your hourly rate to a fair level that enables you to sustain life.

Question: Give me job!

Ok, this is not a question. But I have an answer for that, too:

Answer: While it is not necessary to speak and write perfect English (which I do not myself) I try to keep a certain level of politeness in communication, with appropriate salutation, “please” and “thank you”. It makes daily routine more bearable. :) If you keep it the same way, you raise your chances of being considered (and being considered again after the project is completed).

Question: I do not have any references. Is this a problem?

Answer: Yes it is. If you just have graduated school or university, make pro-bono projects and use them as references. By the way, that’s how I got my first job in IT business.

Question: I am located more than 2 time zones away from you. Is this a problem?

Answer: Yes it is. I prefer freelancers not too far away because I do not like to wait too long for emails. When I search for freelancers that can help me with a project most of the time it is quite urgent.

Question: I am a screen designer. But I can code too! Would you choose me?

Answer: That depends on your coding references :)

Question: I bade on your project and I am the most expensive, being way above average. Is this a problem?

Answer: Regardless of any other advantages you may have: yes it is. Nobody wants to pay more than he has to.

Question: I bade on your project and I am the least expensive, being way below average. Choose me now!

Answer: Regardless of any other advantages you may have: no I would not. Either you underestimate the scope of the project intentionally or unintentionally (that’s bad either way) or you are offering dumping prices. That’s bad too.

That’s it for now. This list is most likely incomplete. I will add more questions and answers over time.