There is no PayPal for me

Every now and then colleagues or customers ask me whether I can do PayPal transactions with them.

Unfortunately, I can not. Let me explain:

Until some 7-8 years ago I had been a happy PayPal customer with a positive balance of x.y EUR. Then, from PayPal’s point of view, I made a “suspicious” transaction of exactly x.y EUR.

For PayPal, this was an attempt of fraud. I cannot remember who PayPal thought was the victim in this case but it does not matter either.

PayPal froze my account and demanded some proof or acknowledgement that the transaction was no fraud. They suggested sending them a utility invoice that should prove that I am real. Unless you do not know, in Germany it is absolutely uncommon that a company asks for a copy of a utility invoice. Maybe in some other less developed country this is considered appropriate, but I do not. This is odd and strange and none of their business.

I saw no need to prove my innocence, because… you certainly remember: In a constitutional state you are innocent until proven guilty.

My account remained frozen for three years until PayPal started inviting me back to use their services again.

Thanks, but no thanks.

Most companies pay good money for customer leads but this company seems to have a Customer Repellent Department.

So, there is a good reason for my PayPal abstinence. I hope you understand I can not risk my balance being frozen by a rampant company.

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