Setting fake user agent in Polipo

I use Polipo as a caching web proxy for my VPN and for some simple anonymizing. It’s a great software.

One thing bugs me though: when censoring User-Agent, as intended, it does not send a User-Agent header. But: Sometimes poorly written web scripts break on a missing user agent string or web scripts take a missing user agent string as an indicator for a bot and block the request (Wikipedia does that for example).

I have created a tiny patch that sets “User-Agent: empty” header when censoring “User-Agent” so that web scripts do not break or block the request. There are only four new lines and you can set the fake user agent string in config.h:

diff  -cB  ./polipo/config.h  ./polipo_custom/config.h
***  ./polipo/config.h 2011-07-17  12:48:42.000000000  +0200
---  ./polipo_custom/config.h 2011-07-17  13:22:06.000000000  +0200
***  35,40  ****
---  35,41  ----
    #define  CONFIG_INT_LIST  12
    #define  CONFIG_ATOM_LIST  13
    #define  CONFIG_ATOM_LIST_LOWER  14
+  #define  USER_AGENT_STRING  "empty"
    typedef  struct  _ConfigVariable  {
            AtomPtr  name;
diff  -cB  ./polipo/server.c  ./polipo_custom/server.c
***  ./polipo/server.c 2011-07-17  12:48:42.000000000  +0200
---  ./polipo_custom/server.c 2011-07-17  13:25:28.000000000  +0200
***  1678,1683  ****
---  1678,1686  ----
                    goto  fail;
            if(request->request  &&  request->request->headers)  {
+   if(strstr(request->request->headers->string,  "User-Agent:")  ==  NULL)  {
+           n  =  snnprintf(connection->reqbuf,  n,  bufsize,  "\r\nUser-Agent:  %s",  USER_AGENT_STRING);
+   }
                    n  =  snnprint_n(connection->reqbuf,  n,  bufsize,

You can check your user agent string with

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